National Guardsmen sleep on Capitol floors amid threats of violence

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Hundreds of exhausted National Guard troops have been forced to sleep in the hallways of the Capitol as they work around the clock to protect the heart of the US government against further threats of violence.

Shocking images from Wednesday morning show the battle-ready guards sleeping in almost any spot they can find — many with their assault rifles propped up nearby.

As they line the corridors of the Capitol, some are forced to use stairs as a makeshift pillow to get some rest as they ready for a potential insurgence in the run-up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next Wednesday.

The startling images show the National Guard members in the same areas of the building overrun by rioters last Wednesday — a day when numerous apparent failings stopped them from rushing in to assist.

To prevent a repeat, some 15,000 guardsmen are being deployed to Washington, DC, by the weekend — more than double the amount of troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

The sleeping images enraged many online, with one commentator asking, “How about some beds or cots for these protectors????!!!!”

A former guardsman-turned-journalist, Scott Shuey, added that “floors like that are as hard as they look.”

“If you see these guys when this is over, buy ‘em a beer – at least,” he said.

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